Angel Qinan as Christine @ Starlet Diner (2 mins)

Starlet Diner, created by Angel Qinan, is not your average all-American sitcom. This modern and entertaining short web-series is about three aspiring actresses in Hollywood. One of those is Christine, a Filipino-American transgender waitress and new in navigating self-acceptance and acting.

Stand Up Comedy Reel (4:42)

Angel Qinan's Stand Up Comedy Reel is edited on 10/17/2019. It includes her performances at The Comedy Store Belly Room and Flappers Comedy Club. 

Note: She has also performed at a few other locations, but some are not recorded.

Comedy Reel (2 mins)

Angel Qinan's Comedy Reel is last edited on 02/21/2019. It includes her performances on Hot Air, Crossing Fingers, SistersLikeAngelAndAlly, independent projects, self produced content and more.

Drama Reel (2 mins)

Angel Qinan's Drama Reel is last edited on 02/21/2019. It includes her performances on Crossing Fingers, Act Like A Woman, NYFA PSA for Transgender Day or Remembrance, self produced content and more.

Act Like A Woman Teaser (1:19)

Act Like A Woman (IMDb), starring Angel Qinan, is an award-winning 14-minute documentary short film about her struggles as a transgender woman pursuing her dreams in Hollywood. Directed by Drama Del Rosario

For a complete list of awards, accolades and screening, visit the Director's Website. 

Angel Qinan's Full Reel (5 mins)

Angel Qinan's Full Reel is edited on 02/20/2019, which includes her acting work, documentary Act Like A Woman, modeling experience, hosting gigs, press interview with ABS-CBN TFC, audition self-tapes and more.