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Starlet Diner (2020) is not your average all-American sitcom. This modern and entertaining short film / web-series is about three aspiring actresses in Hollywood - Christine, Emma and Sofia.

Christine is a Filipino-American transgender waitress in Starlet Diner. She is new in pursuing her dream to be an actress in Hollywood. Loyal to Emma. Rough start with Sofia. Portrayed by Angel Qinan.


Emma the Boss, is an All-American transgender owner / manager of Starlet Diner. She is fancy, classy, worldly and a reality star in Hollywood. She is like the big sister to Christine and Sofia. Portrayed by Sarah Parlow.

Sofia is a big star from Colombia. Waiting for her big break in Hollywood, she found out that it's not easy living in America. New to Starlet Diner. Rough start with Christine. Friends with Emma. Portrayed by Carolina Gutierrez

Follow their dreams and journey as they cross paths in Starlet Diner. Featuring an all transgender cast - including our three leads and eight guest stars. Completely filmed in green screen, this heart warming show is made out of love and shares their authentic experiences in self-growth, relationships and show business.

Starlet Diner is currently on review for film festivals, which does not allow to publicly release the full web series at this time. Please enjoy scenes and clips found on this page and our main stars' social media. For future screenings and inquiries, contact Angel Qinan. Also, this page is being updated frequently so be sure to keep checking. Thank you! :D

Meet Christine, the Waitress and new Actress (2 mins)

"Starlet Diner allowed me to write my own experiences through all the main characters, including Christine, who reminds me of my early and recent years in the entertainment industry. Working on this show allowed me to grow as an artist, and have an amazing time with my family and friends (old and new). Our goal is to have an affordable safe space for dreamers like us to pursue what we love."

- Angel Qinan (aka Christine) @AngelQinan

Meet Emma, The Owner and Reality Star (2 mins)

"Starlet Diner was a unique space where community could come together to create. This project was a rare opportunity where I got to write, act, direct and grow as an artist--all on one set!"

- Sarah Parlow (aka Emma) @GlobalGrrl22

Meet Sofia, The Big Star From Colombia (2 mins)

"The making of Starlet Diner was an incredible collaborative effort full of love, positivity and talent that allowed every single one of us to explore our abilities in front and behind the camera. The character of Sofia was a dream to embody because I see myself a lot in her story yet she also brings out a lot of attitude, confidence and drama that I wish I had in my own life. Sofia inspires me to be more of a fighter because that's what she is."

- Carolina Gutierrez (aka Sofia) @Caroland14

The Cast

Angel Qinan


Angel Qinan is a Filipino-American actress, model, host and a registered nurse. "My dream before was just to be a woman. Now, I could dream beyond that." she speaks at Broadly at The Vice. Just a year after her transition, Angel was asked to model for Apple in Thailand and Slay in Los Angeles. She gladly joined because she felt the need  for transgender people to be more visible in media. Since then, she has explored hosting, acting, stand-up comedy, creating and producing content, such as Starlet Diner. Best known for "Act Like a Woman," Angel completed UCLA Professional Programs Acting for the Camera, and currently studying in Groundlings.

Sarah Parlow


Sarah Parlow is an actress, writer and director based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about projects where trans people have the opportunity to tell their own stories. She is most known for creating Lit Girl, a short film / PSA that serves to educate hetero men about dating transgender women. More about Lit Girl, including the entire short, can be found at Now>Ever website. Sarah can be followed on IG at @GlobalGrrl22, a handle she chose to mark her other great passion - travel.

Carolina Gutierrez


Carolina Gutierrez is an actor, TV host, social media influencer, activist and fitness instructor from Barranquilla, Colombia. Now living in Los Angeles. Carolina is best known for her leading role in the independent film "Help Wanted,” the PSA video "Lit Girl" and  her supporting role on the award winning web series "Good Samaritans.” One of the leading hosts of the talk show "Girls Like Us," winner of the Miss Quest 2017 pageant and  creator of her popular youtube channel "Caroland." Carolina studied acting at the Patel Conservatory in Tampa, Florida and with acting coach John Homa in Los Angeles, CA.

Starlet Diner Teaser

Starlet Diner is a collaboration made out of love. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it. - Starlet Diner Family