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Welcome to Sisters Like Angel And Ally!!!

Sisters like Angel and Ally are true to life transgender siblings that inspire the community to celebrate life, with a purpose to live their everyday lives full of love, beauty and support shared through creative motivational videos.

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Angel Qinan

Angel Qinan

Actress. Registered Nurse. Model. Volunteer.

"I aim to embrace, elevate and promote love and unity globally through creative and adaptive connections in all media platforms." - Angel

Ally Castillo

Ally Castillo

Actress. Professional Make Up Artist. Advocate.


"I feel blessed and joyful everyday to totally celebrate life and hopefully influence others to embrace the power of their unique and beautiful selves." - Ally

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Thank You for all the Love!!!

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Mark Seliger, Photographer, New York NY

Angel and Ally with love and admiration my beauties.

Tiffany Kocanda, Mother of Two, Chicago IL

Angel and Ally are beautiful and courageous trail blazers in this very challenging climate of prejdice and inequality!

Eric Dillman, Artist, Flemington NJ

Angel and Ally: Two beauties bringing nothing BUT beauty within all people to be inspired and grow from.

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