Press Interviews

The Comedy Store


January 2019

The Comedy Store's Official Posdcast: Jimmy Shin & Sarah Halstead on The Sunset Strip features Angel Qinan. Check out one of Angel's best interviews ever. Lots of funny moments, entertainment industry insider, personal information and serious topics.  

ABS-CBN: The Filipino Channel


October 2018

The Filipino Channel's Balitang America: Showbiz Tonight by Yong Chavez interviews Angel Qinan as a Filipina Nurse-Actress who pushes for more transgender roles in Hollywood. Yong also talk about the documentary film about Angel titled “Act Like a Woman.” 

CNN Philippines


July 2018

Director of "Act Like A Woman" Drama Del Rosario is interviewed and states "...Angel's story really resonated with me. We both grew up in the Philippines, we both witnessed rejection from our own families, and we also witnessed our own families become more accepting...”

We Are Moving Stories


April 2018

Drama Del Rosario answers questions about "Act Like A Woman," a semi-finalist film for the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2018.



 August 2017

Riese provides a lists of 58 transgender actresses you should know and love including Angel Qinan, who is described as a Filipina model and actress.

BB Talk w/ BB Gandanghari


June 2017

BB Gandanghari welcomes Angel Qinan to her home as her first guest at BB Talk. They talk about gender identity and their experiences in the Philippines and USA.

The Vice: Broadly


October 2016

Diana Tourjée interviews Angel Qinan as Miss New Jersey Queen USA 2016. Angel shares "That's not something I even dreamed about before, because I didn't even think it was possible. My dream before was just to be a woman. I couldn't dream beyond that. Now, it's time to dream."



October 2016

“I want to use this pageant as a platform to help the young girls out there not lose hope ... I just transitioned three years ago and it’s been the happiest three years of my life. We all have our own unique obstacles but that’s what makes our lives more meaningful." 

- Angel Qinan, NJ, Queen USA 2016

Logo: New Now Next


February 2016

Stevie Boi, who has made stunning eyewear for Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, turned to Slay Model Management for his Fall 2016 collection on New York Fashion Week featuring six transgender models including Angel Qinan. As reported in Baltimore Sun, Stevie is working with Whoopie Goldberg on Oxygen.

TFC Balitang America


August 2015

Steve Angeles interviews  Angel Qinan, as a model of Apple Model Management, and representative Cecilio Asuncion about the opening of The First All Transgender Modeling Agency in Los Angeles during the casting call for aspiring models.

PBS News Hour


July 2015

PBS News Hour announces that the world’s first transgender modeling agency will open on summer 2015, and has Angel Qinan as one of the first six signed models.

GMA News Online


 February 2015

Angel Qinan's first press interview by Dulce Dizon (The FilAm) as Sacramento Fashion Week’s First Transgender Model. Angel shares her journey and sounds off on Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce Jenner)'s presumable transition. 

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