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Who is Angel Qinan?


Angel Qinan is a Filipino-American actress who stars Act Like A Woman (2018), a documentary film that shows her struggles and journey to Hollywood as a transgender woman. As most Filipinos, Angel also works as a Registered Nurse and actively participates in her community. Angel started transition "late at 30" after obstacles in family acceptance and focus on immigrating to the United States. Shortly after transition, Angel started modeling, hosting and acting as part of her advocacy for more Trans visibility. "My dream before is just to be a woman. Now (that I have become the woman that I am), I could dream beyond that." Angel speaks at Broadly at The Vice. Watch Angel's interview on TFC The Filipino Channel Balitang America and other Press Interviews here. 

Exclusively represented by Central Artists Talent Agency for print, commercial and film, Angel's training includes UCLA School for Theater, Film and Television Professional Programs: Acting for The Camera, Casting Director Mark Teschner, Acting Coach Elizabeth Gamza and Megan McNulty, Groundlings Theatre and Killian's Workshop. Eligible to join SAG-AFTRA.

Angel Qinan was also featured in AutoStraddle's list as one of the Trans actress you should know and love. As reported on The Guardian, she is public about her gender “We can play a sister, a mother, a daughter and a best friend. We can (also) play lead characters.”  Angel is also known as Judy in the feature film Crossing Fingers (2018) and her solo performance of the Vagina Monologue: They Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy... Or So They Tried! at iO West Theatre in Hollywood. Featured appearances include Strut, Hollywood Darlings and Transparent. Visit Angel Qinan's IMDb page for TV and Film credits. 


Early Career: In 2014, Angel Qinan began her entertainment industry career as a model for a Thailand based agency just over a year after her transition. She was featured in The FilAm Magazine and GMA News as the first openly transgender model in Sacramento Fashion Week. In 2015, she became a pioneer model for the first all transgender modeling agency in the world, and featured in PBS News Hour, Balitang America and Elle Magazine.

Runway experience includes New York Fashion Week: Cabin by Stevie Boi (Logo), Game Over by Nga Wun Mok Oxford Fashion Studio; Floresca USA by Veejay Floresca in Los Angeles Fashion Week DC; and Maisha Bahati in Sac Fashion Week.


Other Career: Main Host for all transgender cast talk show Girls Like Us. Content Creator and Editor for  Angel Qinan Studio and Co-Director of Membership for FilAm Creative Talent Network. Miss Congeniality and Finalist at Queen USA, and featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Broadly at The Vice and Take Part Magazine

Angel Qinan currently works as a Registered Nurse Care Manager in California for 8 years, and maintains an active license to practice in New York. Volunteers/volunteered at FilAm Creative, LGBT Center, Trans Chorus of LA, Founders Metropolitan Community Church and Philippine Medical Mission Trip.

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The Comedy Store


The Comedy Store's Official Posdcast: Jimmy Shin & Sarah Halstead on The Sunset Strip features Angel Qinan. Check out one of Angel's best interviews ever on this first episode for January 2019 Podcast.

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Girls Like Us Talk Show


Girls Like Us is an all transgender female cast talk show hosted by Angel Qinan, her real life sibling Ally, and her friends Carolina and Kayla. Over 5K Subscribers and 250,000+ Views in YouTube. Thank You!!!

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TFC Balitang America


TFC The Filipino Channel Balitang America Showbiz Tonight by Yong Chavez interviews Angel Qinan about current events, her experience in Hollywood and her film Act Like A Woman.

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Act Like A Woman


Act Like A Woman (IMDb), starring Angel Qinan, is an award-winning 14-minute documentary short film about her struggles as a transgender woman pursuing her dreams in Hollywood. Directed by Drama Del Rosario.

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Crossing Fingers


Crossing Fingers (IMDb) is Angel Qinan's first feature film. She enjoyed portraying Judy - a confident, outspoken, friendly, kinky and smart married bisexual woman. 4 Wins and 1 Nomination. Created and directed by Luis Fernando Garcia.

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Angel Qinan in 5 mins

Angel Qinan's 5-minute Full Reel includes clips from acting, documentary, modeling, hosting, press interviews, audition self-tapes and more. Visit Video Reels page for Comedy and Drama specific reels.

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